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Dive into Electric Psychology, where we reimagine classics by Nina Simone, Childish Gambino, and other beloved artists, plus our soul-stirring originals!

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A little about us...

We are Elasea Douglas (vocalist) and Sadiki Pierre (bassist). Together, we are Acute Inflections, New York’s Jazzy R&B Duo!

A chance collaboration ten years ago sparked a musical adventure that continues to surpass our imaginations. We’ve been featured on HBO and Discovery, shared the stage with Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle, and sold out shows nationwide and abroad!

Why are we giving you this free CD?

That’s a good question. While we're incredibly grateful for our fantastic fans who listen to our music online and on the radio, there's always been a sense of detachment from those interactions.

Sure, hitting the top of the jazz charts is an incredible milestone, but it doesn't compare to the feeling of personally signing a CD, packaging it up, and sending it off to you, knowing it might be the soundtrack to your daily commute.

We've sent out hundreds of albums over the past few years, and the joy of sharing our music in this personal way never gets old!

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