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400 (Bob Marley Tribute) CD

Bob Marley passed away 40 Years ago, but his messages of Love, Unity, and Freedom are as in tune today as they would have been 400 Years ago. From Is This Love and Redemption Song to Natural Mystic and High Tide Or Low Tide, this album includes many of his hits and a few lesser-known gems. **10% of the album sales will be donated to The Bob Marley Foundation.**

Beauty in the Bass Canvas

To commemorate the debut of our new show, "Beauty in the Bass," we have a Special Edition 12x14 Canvas for sale. Grab one. It's the only thing Disney-esque that an adult can have on their walls without being embarrassed! 😉

Beauty in the Bundle

If you can't get enough of all things "Beauty in the Bass," get a Tote Bag, Playing Cards, and Coffee Mug, and save a few dollars with this bundle!

Beauty in the Coffee Mug

If you like the "Beauty in the Bass" artwork as much as we do, you'll love this special edition coffee mug!

Beauty in the Playing Cards

Add a fun and magical touch to your games with these "Beauty in the Bass" playing cards!

Beauty in the Tote Bag

Carry your stuff in style with our limited edition "Beauty in the Bass" Tote Bag!

Black Coffee Mug

Start your day on a better note by sipping coffee from a black Acute Inflections mug!

Black T-Shirt

Have you always wanted a black t-shirt with your favorite jazzy duo's logo? Well, we finally have 'em in unisex crew-neck and a ladies' cut v-neck! **Studies show that listening to Acute Inflections' music while wearing their black t-shirts reduces anxiety and the appearance of food stains. 😉**

Bob Marley Bundle

Get a copy of our Bob Marley tribute album and the special edition canvas while saving a few dollars with this bundle! **10% of the sales will be donated to The Bob Marley Foundation.**

Both CDs & Black T-Shirt

Get our two latest albums and a black t-shirt while saving a few dollars with this bundle!

Both CDs & White T-Shirt

Get our two latest albums and a white t-shirt while saving a few dollars with this bundle!

Electric Psychology CD

According to Jazz Weekly, our third release is “a richly haunted collection of tunes that sound like a jazz duet version of films noir.” It features our renditions of popular songs from Nina Simone, The Rolling Stones, Childish Gambino, and other well-known artists, as well as a few originals that tell the story of how we discovered our connection. Electric Psychology was very well received by jazz radio and peaked at #2 on the RMR Top 50 Jazz Album Chart. Check it out when you’re in the mood for something fun and powerful! **A CD Player is strongly recommended. Visit your local antique shop for assistance.**